Bistrot Floor and Wall Tile

3 Sizes plus Hexagon, 5 Colors
Bistrot Hexagon Floor Tile

Calacatta Michelangelo Hexagon used on the Floor

Amalfi Room Crema Vasari 16 by 16
Amalfi Room Noce Domenico 18 by 18

Glazed Porcelain 12 by 24 & 24 by 24

Bistrot 24x24 Calacatta Michelangelo

24x24 Calacatta Michelangelo

Bistrot 24x24 Crux Gray

24x24 Crux Gray

Bistrot 24x24 Crux Taupe Glossy

24x24 Crux Taupe Glossy

Bistrot 24x24 Marfil Glossy

24x24 Marfil Glossy

Bistrot 24x24 Pietrasanta Glossy

24x24 Pietrasanta Glossy

Glazed Porcelain 8 by 7 Hexagon

Bistrot Hexagon 8x7 Calacatta

Hexagon 8x7 Calacatta

Bistrot Hexagon 8x7 Crux Gray

Hexagon 8x7 Crux Gray

Bistrot Hexagon 8x7 Crux Taupe

8x7 Crux Taupe

Bistrot Hexagon 8x7 Marfil

Hexagon 8x7 Marfil

Bistrot Hexagon 8x7 Pietrasanta

Hexagon 8x7 Pietrasanta

Glazed Porcelain 2 by 2 on 12 by 12 Sheets

Bistrot 2x2 on 12x12 Calacatta

2x2 on 12x12 Calacatta

Bistrot 2x2 on 12x12 Crux Gray

2x2 on 12x12 Crux Gray

Bistrot 2x2 on 12x12 Crux Taupe

2x2 on 12x12 Crux Taupe

Bistrot 2x2 on 12x12 Marfil

2x2 on 12x12 Marfil

Bistrot 2x2 on 12x12 Pietrasanta

2x2 on 12x12 Pietrasanta

Bistrot Floor & Wall Tile
Glazed Porcelain Rectified
12" by 24" and 24" by 24"
8 by 7 Deco Hexagon
5 Colors
Up to 23 Faces/Graphics, 4 Variations
Abrasion Resistance III
Bricklay Mosaic 2" by 2" on 12 by 12 Sheets
3" by 24" Bull Nose

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